Assertiveness Skills Training 

Assertiveness/Assertive Communication:

We should strive to be assertive in all situations, whether communicating in groups, meetings or in one-to-one situations.    Assertiveness achieves so much more than either submissive or aggressive behaviours.  Assertive people communicate self-respect and respect for others.  Assertive communication is effective communication; it is how to effectively manage the interactions that you have on a daily basis confidently and successfully. 

Training courses will be tailored to focus on your specific needs.  Sample content is outlined below.

Sample Outline and Content

Understanding assertive communication.  We will explore what assertiveness is, the benefits and impact of developing assertive behaviours and how it differs from submissive and aggressive behaviours.   During discussions the participants will be asked to identify reasons that stop or prevent them from acting assertively; how to recognise assertive communication; current behaviours that help or hinder assertive behaviour in different situations e.g. meetings, groups, one-to-one situations, with customers and colleagues.

How to develop assertive behaviours:  Explore steps, assertive techniques and ways to develop confidence; how to plan and prepare effectively to participate in meetings and other interactions; how to listen assertively; how to ask questions assertively; how to disagree assertively; the communication cycle to appreciate how misunderstandings and barriers occur.

Handling negative reactions.  No matter how assertive you are does not mean that the other person will respond assertively to you. We will explore steps  to manage situations like this and deal with aggressive behaviours assertively. 

Self-awareness is essential to change current and develop new behaviours.   This will look at the role of self-image and self-talk, the impact that current beliefs and inner dialogues have on us and how to challenge and change them

Action Plan: All participants will develop their personal learning and action plan to aid development of assertive behaviours.