Effective Communication Skills Training Courses

The content and duration of all communication skills training courses will vary based on the identified learning objectives, the experience and the roles of the participants and duration required. Examples of modules that can be used to build a programme are detailed below.

Examples of Module of Effective Communication Skills Training

  • The role and importance of communication in your work area, your role and for effective teamwork.
  • The communication cycle: Understanding common barriers, how they occur, the challenges and responsibility each person has to minimise them and work to overcome them; recognising triggers in yourself and others; increasing self-awareness; tools and techniques to manage reactions and responses to move discussions on constructively.
  • The Skills of Effective Communicators: How to plan and prepare effectively; the importance of active listening skills, the challenges and how to develop; managing the two-way communication flow constructively; gathering information through the power of questions; the role of paraphrasing and summarising; role of non-verbals in communication and how to manage.
  • Managing differences: Developing interpersonal skills; recognising, valuing and using differences well; perparing for differences; using effective communication skills to manage differences of opinions and reach agreement.
  • A tool of management: The role that effective communication plays in creating positive working relationships, performance and employee satisfaction; communication flows, barriers and how the skills of effective communication will help you manage and lead your team; impact of your style and approach on your team and individual members.
  • Defensive and supportive communication: Behaviours that create a defensive environment and hence defensive communication and those that create a supportive and encouraging environment and hence constructive interactions.
  • Customer interactions: The role of effective communication skills in managing customer interactions and complaints.


A variety of exercises, discussions and role-plays will be used. All activities will be developed based on the learning objectives, the experience and level of the participants and specific work scenarios. Every participant will discuss how they will use the content discussed to develop their skills in different situations.


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