by Swatantra

Without empathy, a leader remains a manager only.

I believe that the higher the level of empathy in a leader, the more influential he becomes. Moreover, the path suggested by him / her is followed by heart, hence there remains a high level of conviction.

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Jul 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

I do agree with Swathatara. Thanks, it was a brief statement. For a big organisation has its own Vision,mission and objectives. How to think from others point of view ( basic/ field employee/ worker). The family /relation/organisation/ charity sustains only on "Empathy". Mistakes can be ignored, steps for success. The great word in The Bible " Forgive and Forget". Empathy required vertical and horizontal hierarchy and consumers, stake holders etc. Some theories have its own limitations. Some are suitable for Supervisors , Middle level Management & Top level.
1) Theory X & Y (Empathy has its own boundaries)
2) Transnational Analysis (Understanding)
3) Brain storming ( Assess attitudes)
4) Role paying ( Assess attitudes)

I have to gain more clarity on Empathy, Please. Thanks for opportunity for Sharing and Learning through "COURSERA". WITH KIND REGARDS

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