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Welcome to this web site on leadership and development tips for personal and professional development. I hope that you will find some useful leadership and development tips that will benefit you in your current and future roles.

Over the years that I have worked in the area of leadership and personal development I have observed and come across many situations that have benefited from excellent leadership and many that have stumbled due to poor leadership; I have observed challenges that have been managed due to strong people skills and situations that have been created and suffered due to poor people skills; I have become aware of opportunities that can be moved forward and goals met by the development and enhancement of a range of skills and competencies: Presentation Skills; Communicating assertively, confidently and persuasively; Self-management; Time management and a range of other leadership skills.

Everyone can develop their skills, competencies and confidence in the above areas. You need to want to, believe in yourself and be open to the learning process.

By increasing self-awareness, increasing our understanding of people, recognising the key skills of leaders, interpersonal communication, team-working and more and developing these skills we can all raise our performance and that of others. I know from working in this area that this can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. Therefore, I decided to create this web site on leadership and development tips and compile information for personal and professional development. I'd like it to be a reference home for people like you covering a range of leadership and personal development tips. I hope that by using the information in this web site it will give you some tools and approaches to improving and developing your skills and competencies and hence further raising your performance and that of others - to release your potential.

Sometimes people are thrown into the deep end. They are expected to be able to: Manage people, lead people, manage interactions and display appropriate skills without being given guidelines, training, coaching or support in doing this effectively. Many people learn from their manager or other people and model the behaviours of these people. However, are they modelling good behaviours or picking up poor skills and examples. You will know the answer to this by observing people around you and how effective they are, how they manage working relationships, how they manage conflict, how well they motivate people. Use the information in this site to help your development.

I look forward to working with your either through this web site or personally. Enjoy and the best of luck. Dymphna Ormond

Leadership and Development
Leadership and development is important. Dymphna Ormond believes that everyone should develop leadership skills and skills that will lead to personal growth and development.
Documents a variety of testimonials from clients
Leadership Books Articles
recommends leadership and articles to read others recommends books on communications networking and personal development
Training Courses
Overview of training courses available from Ormond Coaching and Training
Assertiveness Skills Training Course
Outlines sample content for an Assertiveness Communication Skills training course
Communication Skills Training
Content that can be covered in communication skills training courses
coaching skills training for managers
Outlines content of a coaching skills training programme for managers
Presentation Skills Training Courses
Gives an overview of presentation skills training courses
Time Management training course
Gives an overview of a typical time management training course
Different Leadership Theories?
Look at different leadership theories and styles and how to use them
Authentic Leadership
Discusses the ideas behind authentic leadership
Trait Theory
The trait theory says that effective leaders display certain leadership traits or characteristics. The traits of leaders will be explored and discussed here.
Behavioural Theories
The behavioural theories of leadership say that leaders take on different behaviours by which to lead and manage their employees
Situational Leadership Theory
Discusses what situational leadership is and how to apply
Adairs action centred leadership
action centred leadership, John Adair
Power and Influence
What role does power and influence have on leadership styles? What impact does this have on the behaviours and performance of their team? These are questions that all leaders need to consider.
Team Development
How should you lead your team, tips for team leadership and for team development, team leadership
Belbin Team Roles
Discusses the Belbin Team Roles and importance of them to team effectiveness
Leadership Skills
Introduces the importance of identifying leadership skills for superior performance
Performance Appraisals
Performance appraisals can motivate and empower employees leading to inceased satisfaction, performance and productivity. This page gives some tips on how to improve their effectiveness.
Effective Delegation
Delegation is an importance tool of management. Here we will explore what effective delegation looks like
Managing People
Explores the challenges that managing people presents with tips on how to manage them
Effective Presentation Skills
Discusses the importance of effective presentation skills and how the effective presenter develops and delivers presentations effectively
Time Management Skills
how to improve your time management skills and personal effectiveness
Dignity at Work
Discusses the importance of Dignity at Work
Bullying at Work
Bullying behaviours, symptoms and impact of bullying at work
Workplace Harassment
Explores the different forms of workplace harassment and workplace discrimination
Communication in the Workplace
Explores the challenges of effective communication in the workplace, common communication barriers and some communication tips
What is Communication
Explores what is communication to help understand and reduce common errors that are made
Effective Communication Skills
Effective communication skills requires that we know how to listen actively,to gather information through the use of questions and how to use non verbal communication effectively.......
Assertive Communication
Assertive communication is a skill and a way of behaving and a communication style that will help you improve and manage your interactions effectively
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