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Hello, my name is Dymphna Ormond and welcome to this web site. I have a learning and development business, Ormond Coaching and Training. I work with managers, team leaders and employees from a range of organisations, both in the public and private sector and recognise the importance of developing appropriate skills for everyone - not just those in a management or leadership position. The skills that are discussed in this web site are skills that everyone needs to and can develop. The pages contain tips and information for you to use to help you in specific areas for your personal and professional development.

I have developed this web site as an easy source of information. I believe that we can all develop our awareness and skills in this area. The more we are able to develop them the more effective we and our employees or our colleagues will be - those that we work with and need to influence. I have worked in this field since 2003. It inspires and motivates me. I get great fulfillment knowing that I am directly helping people become more effective in their everyday interactions, in their ability to lead and motivate others, in helping people become better presenters and leaders of themself and others. I know that when I achieve this with others that I am also indirectly helping and supporting those people who they lead, manage and work with.

All of our behaviours and actions have an influence and impact on others. We have to become more aware of the impact our behaviours have on others - is it a positive or a negative impact? Are your behaviours, thoughts and attitudes actually contributing to the challenges that you experience? Are they contributing to conflict situations, demotivated employees, poor performance and productivity? Do you actually create barriers that you are not aware of? The answer to these questions is quite often yes. Therefore, develop your self-awareness, seek to explore the blind spots that you have and work to develop the necessary skills to the level required. Create your own leadership development plan.Identify different ways that you can develop the behaviours and skills required.

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